Titles of some poems
in the public domain
read at the Poetry Circle
in the past

Text of some poems
in the public domain
read at the Poetry Circle
in the past


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Welcome to the

Paris Poetry Circle

23rd year and still going strong!


Meetings every WEDNESDAY evening at 6:30 PM

(till 8:30 PM)

This is the 23rd year of our English poetry reading group. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 PM (for 7:00 PM), around biscuits and tea. We read and discuss poems, the best we know or can find.

Our’s is a reading group (as against a writing group). At first reading we do not announce who wrote the poem. We want to hear, read and discuss the poem on its own, whoever wrote it (you, your mother, Shakespeare, a Nobel Laureate, or any poet, published or unpublished). Let the poem stand on its own. Later, we say who the author was. And if it is a living author, we write to thank him.

Anything goes, but ideally we want to read true, sweet, serious poems that take us forward, help us understand. We do not want boring, pretentious or incomprehensible stuff.

Ten or so people, intelligent conversation (only in English), some fellowship, no showing off… it is a good way to spend an evening in midweek in this dry world. So do come and join us. Please ring or e-mail before to let us know because space is limited. You don’t have to talk or bring poems. All are welcome. There is no charge.

65 rue Pascal, 75013 PARIS, courtyard
between house numbers 63 et 65.

chez Doctor Nagpal, in a pretty courtyard, ground floor left.
Code on iron gate to courtyard 1418

Métro: Les Gobelins (line 7) or Glacière (line 6)
Buses: 83, 91, 21, 47, 27

Phone: +33 1 47 07 55 28
Fax: +33 1 43 37 11 46

© Paris Poetry Circle