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Send your documents for an estimate: Please specify: the nature et length of the document, the origin language, the destination language and your deadlines. Languages:
Working Title: From
Please let us know about
about any special concerns
you might have (special vocabulary
layout, presentation etc.)
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to see at least some of the text.
You may send up to three files.

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We require 50% payment to commence your translation. In the event of cancellation by client this is not refundable. If NIP cancels a service for any reason, the client will be refunded in full.


You will receive a copy of your estimate request by e-mail.

A manager will reply by e-mail, phone or fax, as you wish, and will send you an estimate within the hour on weekdays. He or she will discuss the project, go over your requirements and explain our policies, including quality and confidentiality. If you agree with our rates and conditions, we will start work straightaway! For first-time clients we request a 25% advance payment, not refundable in case of cancellation.

If sending documents in electronic form poses any problem, you may send them by fax to: +33 (0)1 43 37 11 46. You may fill out this form and as a cover page for your fax transmission.

Conditions of Sale

  • The translator and his associates will strictly respect the confidentiality of every document given to them.
  • An estimation of the number of words will be quoted before the job is executed. The word processing software will give an exact number after the job is finished. The number of words of the source language text can vary with that of the target language. For example, it is acknowledged in the profession that a French text usually has around 20% more words than an English text. On average, five characters count as a word.
  • Each translation is completed by a translator-specialist, proofread by a second translator-specialist, a third person checks spelling, every number and proper noun. If, despite all of our efforts, an error slips in or an improper term is used, we will take it upon ourselves to:
    1. correct any error promptly and at no charge
    2. symbolically reimburse the client 2 Euros per mistake found with a number or proper noun. The translator’s responsibility cannot exceed this.
  • In the case of a dispute, the estimation of these errors will be considered by a neutral and competent third person, who will find a common agreement between the two parties.
  • Last-minute changes desired by the client, which have nothing to do with any errors in the text, can be executed by our secretary for 40 Euros per hour.
  • Errors in the translation, corrections, and changes can under no circumstance serve as a pretext for a delay, reduction or refusal of payment or serve as an excuse to obtain injuries.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the normal time limit for payment of all invoices is 30 days after delivery. A bill for unsettled fees will automatically be increased 10% two months after the delivery. It will again be increased 10% every two months. We will not work with a client who has not settled a bill that dates more than two months.
  • Intellectual Property. Clause of Restriction.
    You and your clients agree not to work or try to work in any capacity, directly or indirectly, with the named translators or interpreters we may introduce to you, in such a way as to bypass us. You agree not to use or try to use their services as salaried employees or freelance workers. You may not use them as translators, interpreters, consultants or trainers or in any other capacity, in the present or in the future, without our written consent, even if they approach you. You agree not to try to bypass us by using another party to contact the persons we introduce to you or have them work with one of your clients. Any such attempt to use their services without our knowledge and consent will be considered a breach of trust, a violation of intellectual property and liable to punitive damages.
  • According to the current legislation, the Copyright of the translation will remain the exclusive right of the translator. In the case of publication, the editor is required to inform the translator. The text must include “Copyright translation by NIP”. The royalties of the translator will be negotiated between 10–15%, if there are takings.