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Surgical Instruments (German to English)


Before using DD products, the user must carefully read the contents of this notice as well as the specific information on each apparatus. This information is available with the distributor or the manufacturer (operation techniques, brochures, stencils, etc.).

The user must be perfectly aware of the difficulties related to the surgical procedure as well as the method of using the instruments.

The various per operative tests (reduction, evaluation of laxity, etc.) must be conducted using trial pieces when these form part of the ancillary instrumentation.

Certain cutting and piercing instruments must be manipulated with great care so as to avoid the risk of accidental asepsis (for example by rupture of a surgical glove).

DD instruments are designed only for use as temporary implants during surgical procedures.

Ancillary DD instruments are designed to be used during implantation of the corresponding DD products. They must in no case be used for implants with products made by other manufacturers.

To ensure the original performance of the instruments, all pieces must be inspected and measured periodically.