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Examples of our work

We present in this section some samples of our recent work.
This work is our only merit.

These examples are drawn from our translations that are in the public domain or for which we have authority to publish.

  1. Clinical trial agreement (English to Italian)
  2. University degree. (English to Spanish)
  3. Hepatitis (French to Spanish)
  4. Hepatitis (English to Spanish)
  5. Clinical Trial protocol (French to German)
  6. Surgical Instruments (German to English)
  7. Coronary angioplasty (French to English)
  8. Urinary Intestinal Diversion (French to English)
  9. Male erectile function (French to English)
  10. Drug Registration File (French to English)
  11. Cardiology (English to French)
  12. Aortic surgery (French to English)
  13. Abdominal surgery (French to English)
  14. Cardiac surgery (French to English)
  15. Maxillofacial surgery (French to English)
  16. Osteoporosis (English to French)
  17. Etidronate and Biophosphonates (English to French)
  18. Menopausal bone loss (English to French)
  19. Calcium metabolism (French to English)
  20. Vitamin D (French to English)
  21. Pharyngoplasty (French to English)
  22. Clinical Trial Protocol (Italian to English)
  23. Clinical Study protocol—Criteria of judgement (English to French)
  24. Clinical Study—Criteria of inclusion (English to French)
  25. Clinical Trial—Criteria of exclusion (English to French)
  26. Clinical Trial—Severity of side-effects (Italian to French)
  27. Asthma (French to English)
  28. Total Hip Prosthesis (French to English)
  29. Clinical Trials—Ethics Committee (English to French)
  30. Water Iodination in Africa (French to English)
  31. Clinical Trial—Table of contents of a report (English to French)
  32. Wound dressing and radio therapy (German to French)
  33. Electrolyte and Fluid balance (German to French)
  34. Wound healing (English to French)
  35. Burns (English to French)