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President’s Message on Quality

Dear Customer,

Whether you are a medical director in a pharmaceutical company or a private individual, a bad medical translation can have the most serious consequences. As we wish to win you as a customer, please allow me to say a few words about this important subject of Quality Control in our company.

We want to give you an accurate, fluent, well-presented translation, in the shortest possible time.

Anybody can see that it is the competence of the people who do your translation and the systems of Quality Control that are put in place which decide between a good translation and a bad translation, between a good company and a bad company.

About competence: Medical translations are read and appreciated, in the final analysis, by other doctors. And doctors speak their own language. There are questions of terminology and style that quickly betray a text that has been translated by a non-doctor, by somebody who does not fully understand the subject.

To translate medical texts you must have a wide education. You must have a grounding in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology… you must have seen, done, at least come close to the procedures you are talking about. That is why we have collected teams of medically-qualified translators to execute your translations. This is your first guarantee of quality.

Your translation will be done by technically competent people. Furthermore, all our translators work towards their first, native language. They have been recruited from various universities and hospitals around the world. They are brilliant people in their own right, at the Ph D level, doing research work of their own. They have often spent a few years in another country and so not only speak and write their second language, but have experience of medicine or science as it is actually practiced in another country.

All this to say that when you come to us you are speaking to highly-qualified persons who understand intimately the subject they are going to translate. We are not linguist translators who have done a course in medical terminology. Or engineers, or biochemists or nurses, having a bash at medical translations, learning the trade as you go along. Unfortunately, most medical translation work done in the market place is done by such translators. We believe such translations to be quite unsafe. They are sure to contain mistakes. And somebody will either have to correct them, or pay a heavy price… That is why we offer you, at no extra cost, medical translations executed by medically-qualified doctors, translating into their first, native language.

But competence is not enough. You also need a system of Quality Control to weed out accidental errors. Over the years we have developed such a system. You may like to take a look at our Quality Guidelines to our Translators. Every translation is checked by at least two doctors. A third person reads the text again for fluency. Every figure and proper noun is checked individually. Red ink is not spared. I am very strict in enforcing these rules.

There is no room for careless work in medical science, and there is no room for such work in my company. We are scientific people, and we have a culture of accuracy and thoroughness. We never guess. If we do not know something, we stop until we find out exactly what the author is trying to say. And we stick to our system of checking and double-checking.

We keep abreast of all the latest developments in medicine and the biological sciences in general. And we are familiar with drug registration procedures for both the European Union and the Food and Drug Administration of America.

Having said all this, please judge for yourself: take a look at some of the examples of our work that we have posted on this web site. This work is our only merit.

If this is not enough to convince you we will be very happy to do a short test translation, free of charge.

We hope you will join our many existing customers all over the world.

Doctor HRS Nagpal

MA MB BChir (Cantab)
Doctor of Medicine from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Residencies at King’s College Hospital, London and St George’s Hospital London. Chief Resident of the Intensive Care Unit of The American Hospital of Paris. Resident at Hôpital Necker of Paris. Consultant at Hôpital St-Anne of Paris.