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Maxillofacial surgery (French to English)

Hemodynamic parameters and surgical bleeding
with nitroglycerin in maxillo-facial surgery

by: G. Leftheriotis*, F. Kalfon**, J. Dubost**,
J.L. Saumet*, M. Freidel***, V. Banssillon**

Reprint requests: Dr. J.L. Saumet, Centre hospitalier Lyon-Sud, 69310 Pierre-Bénite, FRANCE.


Seventy-three maxillo-facial surgical procedures were conducted using controlled hypotension induced with nitroglycerin (NTG) to reduce surgical bleeding.

Surgical bleeding was reduced in more than 45% of cases. The frequent absence of any correlation between the blood pressure, heart rate and surgical bleeding could be explained by the action of reflex vascular mechanisms provoked by the nitroglycerin induced hypotension. Blood pressure and heart rate alone seem to be insufficient to monitor the efficacy of provoked hypotension. Per-operative monitoring of tissue blood loss may help us better understand the mechanisms of hemorrhage during nitroglycerin induced controlled hypotension.