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Total Hip Prosthesis (French to English)


Important information for the surgeon

  1. General information

    Before using these appliances the surgeon must familiarise himself with the contents of this notice, as well as with the specific information on each appliance. This information is available from the distributor and the manufacturer (operating techniques, brochures, etc.).

    Implantation of the appliances must only be carried out in a hospital, whether public or private, by the department of orthopaedic surgery, exclusively by surgeons with sufficient training and experience in the domain of him arthroplasty.

    This appliance is designed to be used once only. Reuse of an explanted or modified appliance is forbidden.

    Appliances covered with hydroxyapatite must not be implanted with cement or medicinal substances.

    If a ceramic appliance is dropped it should not be implanted.

    Any contact of the appliance with substances containing chlorides or fluorides is forbidden.

    Under normal conditions of use the appliance can be in contact with any other substance and/or gas.

  2. Combinations of prostheses

    Only combinations of the supplied appliances are possible.

    A head from a primary implantation must not be reimplanted. Ceramic heads must only be mounted on cones which have never been used. A change of head can only be carried out with a metal head, as long as the cone does not show any deterioration following extraction of the original head.

    In the specific case of revision surgery, it is recommended that the polyethylene part of the cup be changed, even if it does not appear to be worn, in order to guarantee the longevity of the system.