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Medical Interpretation

Simultaneous and consecutive medical interpretation:


  • visits to the doctor
  • discussions between doctors
  • seminars and interactive conferences
  • formal scientific congresses of 50 to 5,000 people

We have specialised interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the medical field. Consecutive interpretation is done by one interpreter. The speaker pauses in between sentences for the interpreter to translate. Simultaneous interpretation is done by a team of at least two interpreters who relay each other every 20-30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment (booth, microphones, wireless headsets) and a technician to be present during the conference We can arrange all this. Paris is a major conference center and many international medical conferences are held here every year.

We have specialised interpreters in many language pairs involving most of the important languages of the world. Hence we can give you interpreters translating from French and English into and out of the following languages