4-5 days businessmen’s prospection package anywhere in France

3 – 4 meetings per day guaranteed with people you approve.

In business, the best way to win a client or a supplier is to meet him face to face.
If you are looking for new clients or suppliers in France, maybe we can provide the best options for you.
Before you arrive, we will research your field and find you the best clients or suppliers. Then, in consultation with you, we will set up 3- 4  meetings per day with the right people.
When you come, we will take you to meet them with our interpreter.
This can be in any industry, big or small, anywhere in France.
We can give you an interpreter who speaks French and English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Turkish and many other languages.

Tell us your requirements and we will study your problem and give you a quotation. This can include

  • Research and prospection to find the right people in your industry, one month before you come.
  • A programme of 3 – 4 meetings per day guaranteed, with people you approve.
  • Airport welcome and transfer to your hotel.
  • Hotel reservation in a 3 – 4 star hotel in the right area.
  • Transport arrangements (car, train, plane) if needed.
  • An interpreter to accompany you to your meetings, 4 hours or 8 hours per day.
  • Possible leisure activities
  • Return to airport
  • Follow up phone calls to your clients or suppliers.


Typical package for 5 nights with an English/French interpreter for 4 full days and a three star hotel : 9,800 €.


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