Official Sworn Translations

In France, and many countries, certain documents have to be translated by special, court appointed official translators to be accepted by the administration. Such translations are called Traduction Assermentée in France, and we can provide such translations for you.

The certified translator certifies, stamps and numbers the original document as well as his own translation and keeps a copy in archive for ten years. This is a cumbersome, but necessary, process for the translation of certain documents to be accepted by the French administration, or other administrations (universities, embassies, government offices, courts, etc.).

Documents that require official translation (“Traduction assermentée”) may include:

  English, French and Spanish Other languages

Regular deadline
5 working days

90€ per page stamped*

125€ per page stamped*

Urgent deadline
3 working days

125€ per page stamped*

175€ per page stamped*

*: Max 250 words. Extra words pro rata.

These prices may change for certain documents, according to language,
difficulty, number of words, legibility and time delay.

Value Added Tax of 20% (tax added to total).

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Marriage and divorce certificates

  • Certificates of health and aptitude

  • Driving and other licences

  • Court judgements & affidavits

  • Criminal record

  • Patents

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Bank statements and pay slips

  • Sales agreements

  • University degrees/diplomas/transcripts

  • Bills in foreign languages

    (e.g. for the Social Security system)

  • Company registration (kbis)

    and other company documents

Important note: Translations of French documents destined for certain countries other than France may require a further certification. The sworn translation may need to be stamped by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or an office called the Apostille, and/or a Public Notary. So please tell us to which country the documents will be addressed. We can then tell you whether or not these extra steps are necessary and you can do them yourself, or we can do them for you. These additional steps will naturally incur extra expenses.

Process in Brief:

  • Scan and email your documents to us

  • Pay (or guarantee payment) by credit card

  • Pick it up in person or receive it by mail

Process in detail

  1. Phone us or write to us with your request. Please tell us the language, size and  nature of the original documents, the country they are destined for and the time you need them by.
  2. Scan or fax the documents to be translated (otherwise you have to bring them in person or post them to us).
  3. After inspection of the documents or scans, we will give you a quotation by email.
  4. If you agree on our price, you must pay in full in advance and the job will not be cancellable. You may pay in person or by credit card, or you can guarantee the payment by credit card, which we will debit for only 1€ to make sure it is good. We will not debit the full amount, but hold it as a guarantee against cancellation or non-payment at the end.
  5. In most cases, we do not need to have the original documents. For many documents, a good scanned copy will suffice. For certain other documents (company papers, legal documnts), especially if destined for other countries than France, we may need the originals. You can send these to us by post, or bring them in person. We are open 10 am to 6 pm non-stop. See map below.
  6. We can start the translation on the basis of the scanned documents and the credit card payment or guarantee.
  7. The final translation can be returned to you by post, or you can come and collect it.
  8. In certain cases, we do need to have the original documents, even if we have started the translation on the basis of your scan. So, you must either mail these to us or bring them in.
  9. A few days later, the translation will be ready for collection in person, or we can mail it to you. (See below).
  10. If you have given us your credit card as a guarantee, you can complete payment in cash at the end when you pick up your document(s). Your card will not be charged.

Delivery and pick-up

You have several options to get your work done by us:

(1) IN PERSON. Drop off your documents in person. Pay in cash. A few days later, pick up your final translation and originals in person. We are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For our location, please consult the map attached at the bottom of this document

(2) BY FAX OR EMAIL. You fax or scan your documents to us. We must have a clean legible, printable copy, that will serve as the original of your translation. Payment must be made in full before we start or you must give us a cretit card as gauranty. If you give us your card as guaranty we will charge it 1 euros to make sure it is working. You can give us your credit card number by fax, scan or telephone. In many cases the translation can be done on the basis of the scan that you have sent us. But in certain cases (company documents, etc.) you may need to send us the originals by post or bring them in person. This needs to be done as soon as possible. A few days later, you pick up your final translation and originals in person (or we can mail them to you – see below). We are open 10 am to 6 pm. If you pay in cash at the time of drop-off or collection of your documents we will not charge your credit card given to us as guarantee to start your job.

(3) BY POST. Send originals (or photocopies) by mail to our address above (65 rue Pascal, 75013 Paris), pay by credit card and have translated documents returned to you by post. We will post the documents to you at your own risk. Extra postage and handling charges:
By Secure Post (“Lettre Suivie”) - 10 Euros.
By Registered Letter (lettre recommandée) - 15 euros.
By next-day delivery (“Chronopost 13h”) - 30 Euros.

Terms: payment in full or a credit card guarantee is required before beginning the translation. No cancellation after payment.
Forms of payment: cash or credit card.

Sworn Translation Request

Join us on the phone at +33 (0)

Or write us a mail at .

Conditions of Sale

  • The translator and his associates will strictly respect the confidentiality of every document given to them.

  • An estimation of the number of words will be quoted before the job is executed. The word processing software will give an exact number after the job is finished. The number of words of the source language text can vary with that of the target language. For example, it is acknowledged in the profession that a French text usually has around 20% more words than an English text. On average, five characters count as a word.

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