Written Translation

Quotation within the hour

Minimum charge Translations Tables

150€ for the first 500 words

0.20€-0.31€ per word

15€ per table

25-50% additional charge for an urgent order.
Value Added Tax of 20% (tax added to total, for clients in France only).

As soon as we receive your text for translation we will get in touch with you to understand your exact requirements and the destination of the translation. If you wish we can sign our standard Confidentiality Agreement, or another document of your choice.

We will then give you a quotation, stating price and the turn around time for your project. This can be done in one hour during working hours in Paris for most documents. A highly specialized document or an unusual language pair may require us to take a little longer, but usually we can reply on the same day. You may request a translation estimate here.

Quality Guidelines

Our application as an ISO 9001-certified company is underway.

Confidentiality Agreement

We will be happy to fax you a signed copy of this document before you send us your confidential documents.

Detailed Translation
Process & Presentation

You may read here the full Process by which the translation will be executed.

See our specialized site
for medical translations

For medical or biological texts please visit our specialized medical translation site, Nagpal International Medical Translations.

Translation process and Quality Control

Each translation is: done first by a professional translator working into his mother tongue, taking into account the cultural context of the text; carefully re-read by a second professional translator; a third person proofreads for spelling, readability, and presentation: every figure and proper noun is individually checked; a final draft is printed and faxed or e-mailed to you promptly. Our director personally supervises every translation.

Fixing a poor-quality translation can be expensive, and should be avoided from the beginning. We guarantee you an accurate, readable, well-presented document of which you can be sure. The difference from an ordinary, less professional translation is significant, and it shows. We are well-equipped (Windows and Macintosh computers), well-staffed (three secretaries) and we have a large library of reference books and dictionaries. We are in constant contact with specialist advisers in universities and hospitals in North America, France, Great Britain and China, as well as in Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany.

After-translation services

Translation is often just the first step, the text must be then prepared and formatted, often following its original form. We offer a one-stop solution, from business communication to web pages, overhead slides to four-color brochures. Producing translated text allows us to ensure the layout is faithful to the original, with the appropriate punctuation for translated language and accurate rendition of accents and other special characters. We offer: typesetting, graphic design and layout, web site design, allowing us to complete your project to the final product. You may read here the full Process by which the translation will be executed, and our Quality Guidelines to all translators. Our application as an ISO 9001-certified company is underway.

Written Translation Request

Join us on the phone at +33 (0)

Or write us an e-mail at:

Conditions of Sale

  • The translator and his associates will strictly respect the confidentiality of every document given to them.

  • An estimation of the number of words will be quoted before the job is executed. The word processing software will give an exact number after the job is finished. The number of words of the source language text can vary with that of the target language. For example, it is acknowledged in the profession that a French text usually has around 20% more words than an English text. On average, five characters count as a word.

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