Multilingual hostesses for stands, conferences and exhibitions

Attractive multilingual hosts & hostesses for conferences & trade fairs.

  Half day
(4 hours)
Full day
(8 hours)
Extra hour
(after 8th hours)
Host/Hostess: French speaking only 150€ 258€ 52€
Host/Hostess: bilingual
Common languages: English, French, Spanish
182€ 364€ 65€
Host/Hostess: trilingual
or rare languages
250€ 452€ 76€
Model profile (bilingual) 350€ 652€ 97€
Model profile (trilingual) 437.5€ 815€ 121.25€
Chief Host/Hostess or Animator 350€ 652€ 97€

Do you have a stand at a Trade Fair or Exhibition? Nothing works better than a charismatic and friendly host or hostess to attract customers.

If you are organizing an event, a conference, a promotion in Paris, then you may need our friendly, well-dressed, multilingual hosts/hostesses. They will welcome, guide, and help your visitors and guests.

They will quickly understand your business and know what and how you would like to convey your product to the customer. They will help you sell and/or present your products to your clients.

We are the official providers of hosts and hostesses to several companies and the fashion trade fair called the Prêt-à-Porter held twice a year in Paris.

We will send you a quotation. If you accept our offer and after payment is made, we will present you photos and profiles of our hosts and hostesses who can best serve you.


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