Consecutive Interpretation

If you are on business or attending a salon or exhibition in Paris or France and do not speak French, we can give you a professional interpreter who will accompany you to your meetings, negotiations or site visits. With our large team we have professional interpreters in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages.

These services are suitable for business people who need bilingual assistance:

  Common languages (*) Rare languages
Half-Day (4 hours) 500€ 650€
Full-Day (8 hours) 1,000€ 1,300€
Evening after 6:00pm
(2 hours)
500€ 650€

(*): English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Value Added Tax of 20% (tax added to total, for clients in France only).

  • salons and exhibitions

  • business meetings

  • site visits

  • negotiations

  • seminars

  • shopping

  • doctor appointments

  • lawyer visits

  • in Paris or France or Europe

Additional charges:
There is a supplement of 25% for trilingual interpreters, for technical subjects, and for assignments outside Paris. For missions outside Paris, travel, board and lodging expenses are borne by the client. These may be estimated and included in the initial bill, as a lump sum, or be paid on the basis of receipts. Alternatively the client can make the necessary arrangements.

1/3 of the total sum to reserve, 1/3 at least one month before the conference, and the remainder after the service.

Consecutive interpretation may be done by one interpreter

Your interpreter can come to your hotel or offices in Paris or further afield in France, to provide you with interpretation services for business meetings, negotiations, site visits, conferences, seminars… You may need an interpreter for business purposes, or to interpret meetings with a lawyer, a doctor, a friend or a client… You may require help with shopping or dealing with an administrative problem. We can offer you translation help in any such situation.

Once we have an idea of your requirements we will find the most qualified person to do the job. We have competent people in most languages and most fields.


Our interpreters can come to any city in Europe or travel with you. We can also arrange transport for you and the interpreter.

By tradition, an interpreter is always paid on a daily basis, whether he or she works two hours or eight hours. Also, he or she is paid his full fee if the service is canceled less than two weeks before the service.

Interpretation Request

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Conditions of Sale

  • The translator and his associates will strictly respect the confidentiality of every document given to them.

  • An estimation of the number of words will be quoted before the job is executed. The word processing software will give an exact number after the job is finished. The number of words of the source language text can vary with that of the target language. For example, it is acknowledged in the profession that a French text usually has around 20% more words than an English text. On average, five characters count as a word.

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